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The way to systematic and unhindered implementation of the goals and actions of FAINARETI goes through the actual support of its work and the participation of citizens.  Thus, if you truly believe that social welfare services and primary healthcare services are not a luxury but the right of every citizen, you may support us both as a volunteer and financially as follows:

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"FAINARETI'S" mission is to actively contribute to the improvement of perinatal care in Greece through specialised interventions relating to the qualitative and quantitative increase of the level of midwifery care and mental health support.

Our vision is to ensure equal and non-discriminatory access of all pregnant women, new mothers and their families to high-level primary care services during perinatal period. Our main goal is to promote best health practices, such as natural labour, breast-feeding as well as preparation for parenthood, timely detection, intervention, treatment and reduction of the long-term impact of perinatal mental disorders for all family.

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