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Research & Training

    Modern and comprehensive intervention is based on constant research and development of new methods and clinical practices. FAINARETI utilises its specialised clinical team with experience in various scientific disciplines and focuses its research interest in the following fields:

  • Epidemiological and clinical research in perinatal health issues like: breast-feeding, mental disorders, mother and infant morbidity

  • Epidemiological and clinical research on neonatal, infant and child health

  • Epidemiological and clinical research on gynaecological issues from adolescence to post-menopausal phase

  • Attitude of women and men towards maternity, paternity and institutions like family

  • Bioethical issues during perinatal period.

  • Domestic violence.

    As part of the development of its research activities FAINARETI maintains and broadens its cooperation with academic institutions, research institutes and university clinics in Greece and abroad.

    Indicatively, FAINARETI has carried out the research program of the Centre for Mental Diseases of Chania (nr.37/ 3/30-4-2007) on the "Development of research tools for "a) the assessment of verbal, emotional, physical and sexual violence against women that report to be abused b) the assessment of verbal, emotional, physical and sexual violence among the general population c) the assessment of what women think of their safety d) the assessment of domestic violence during pregnancy.

    Additionally, FAINARETI promotes the importance of education and life-long learning and implements training programmes for healthcare professionals, but also for volunteers in general, in the fields of perinatal mental health and midwifery counselling. Through the Day Centre for the Care of the Mental Health of Women (Postpartum Disorder), Fainareti can also provide traineeship opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students of health sciences, psychology, social sciences etc.

    Indicatively, FAINARETI has implemented a training programme on perinatal mental health for healthcare professionals in cooperation with the Centre for Vocational Training of the General Hospital of Piraeus "Tzaneio" in the framework of measure 2.4 "Staff training for the support of the deinstitutionalization, socio-economic rehabilitation and continuous support of patient with mental disorders" of the Operational Programme "HEALTH-WELFARE 2000-2006". The training programme was implemented during the period of 10/2/09-28/3/09 with duration of 180 hours (84 hours of theoretical training and 96 hours of practical training).


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