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I'm a new father

Perinatal mental disorders, among which the most known is postpartum depression, were considered female disorders. In reality, however, men also face important changes in their lives on their way to paternity but mainly after labour. Men are also called to adapt themselves to new roles, assume new responsibilities, face similar challenges that women face. Modern researches demonstrate that the percentage of men suffering from depression after labour is more than 10%. This percentage necessitates the timely detection and intervention.


  • have doubts and questions about the change in your life,

  • feel discomfort, stress, grief, anxiety or other symptoms, such as difficulties in sleeping, exhaustion, nervousness and abandoning or being less interested in your partner and child,

  • know that you suffer from a mental disorder or you're concerned about suffering from a mental disorder

At "Fainareti" you may attend:

1. Preparation Programme for Couples regarding Labour and Parenthood

The period of pregnancy is a preparation period also for men. All family members will benefit if the partners are prepared and trained for the challenges that they may experience during pregnancy and at the beginning of parenthood.

You may follow together with your partner the Preparation Programme for Couples regarding Labour and Parenthood which is offered at the Day Centre to groups of couples during pregnancy.

2. Support Programmes for New Parents after Labour

You may attend the Support Programmes for New Parents after Labour carried out at the Day Centre approximately 3, 6 and 12 months after labour on issues regarding your adaptation to the role of the parent.

The above two programmes, apart from information and counselling to the new parents, help establish and develop a strong bond between father and child, encourage their early communication and interaction and boost father's confidence as to whether he is able to satisfy the needs of the child. These Programmes promote the development of a strong cooperation between parents.

Through the two above programmes Fainareti informs, trains and supports every future and new father.

You may take part in one of these programmes on your own or together with your partner.

3. Psychological Support

Α) You may visit a mental healthcare professional at the Day Centre.

Β) You may contact Fainareti Helpline 210-9319054 and talk to its healthcare specialists, who will assess your mental health state and will suggest the appropriate intervention for your needs.

C) At Fainareti, besides telephone support and personal sessions with a mental healthcare specialist regarding your personal issues, you may participate in group sessions, before and after labour, conducted by a psychologist or psychiatrist. At these sessions, which are of informative and educational nature, you'll have the opportunity to raise your questions and get informed on issues regarding perinatal period, such as:

  • Which are the mental disorders occurring during perinatal period (during pregnancy and after labour)?

  • How does a woman or a man understand that they suffer from a mental disorder?

  • Which are the causes of perinatal mental disorders?

  • How can the partner help?

  • How are perinatal mental disorders treated?

  • Which is the ideal parent?

  • Which is the role of the father during the first years of the child?

You may visit a mental health specialist without necessarily suffering from a mental health disorder or grief and stress symptoms. You may contact Fainareti, if you have concerns regarding issues such as:

  • Relationship with your parnter

  • Balance in your relationship with your partner's parents

  • Balance in your relationship with your parents

  • Reaction of the older child as regards the arrival of the younger one

  • Return to work and time management

  • Return to work and separation from the child

  • Unemployment or other issues that make your daily life difficult.


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